Monday, July 20, 2009

Judgment and the Backlash that cripples us

Judgment is a silent killer. That’s right -- a killer. Every time we judge someone for not doing something the way we would do it, we are slowly killing ourselves. Here are the signs -- energy is depleted, our thoughts become unfocused and we feel irritated. This can slowly turn into hatred. Furthermore, when we judge someone else, we are not being present in OUR own lives. Instead of focusing on our own moment in time, we become consumed with what the other person should or should not be doing.

OUR moments are all we have, and to waste them away on how someone else should experience their journey is a killer. We honestly do not know what it is like to be someone else. We have no idea what is going on in his or her head. Trying to live in their world is like trying to duplicate their fingerprint. It simply cannot be done. So stop the madness, and you will stop the backlash that cripples you.

Why do we judge? It’s called DIVERSION. It’s easier to spend hours talking about why someone else did what he or she did than for us to stop and look at ourselves. Consider this: the people in life we can’t understand are our gifts – sent to wake us up to the reality of our own lives. Once we do, life becomes easier, less stressful and more abundant.

I know you may have heard this topic before, perhaps from another author or speaker. Maybe this thought process did not work for you then and you are feeling unsure about it now. Well, thank goodness, Thomas Edison did not give up on making the light bulb or you would be reading this in the dark. We have to push through the resistances and keep experiencing OUR moments -- not someone else’s. When we judge others, we kill a part of our magic as human beings. We can do magnificent things in our lives – we just have to walk away from the judgment thoughts.

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