Monday, November 16, 2009

The Aggravation of Life

Many of us have focused on eliminating the big aggravations in our lives, and many an author has scribed a book or delivered a seminar to teach us how to release those big aggravations. The expectation is that eliminating big aggravations will transform our lives.

It’s great that we’ve all taken the time to attend the seminars and read the books about how to release the big aggravations in life, but during that time, we were also victims to smaller aggravations that we did not realize. These small aggravations are unseen mental energy blocks that keep us from living in a state of peace.

Let me illustrate this point by sharing a story with you about one of my clients who had a small aggravation continuing in his life. When we worked together to put his big aggravations on the shelf and look at the small aggravations, we were able to transform his life. As a result, he had the energy to go back and transform the big aggravations in his life and start living in peace.

Every morning at 5:45 a.m., Steve arrives at the gym for his morning workout. As with most early morning workouts, Steve’s were followed by a shower at the gym. This caused him aggravation every single morning. The problem? Only one of the three showers ever had soap in it. The other showers had the soap containers, but they were never filled.

Small aggravations start with something small, like no soap, but they build up and are often topped with a relationship aggravation. The top of this aggravation for Steve was the “Long Shower Man” who apparently took a long shower by Steve’s description. This man was also on the same work schedule as Steve, so they always got ready for work at the same time.

Steve always finishes his work out with thirty minutes of cardio, and during this time, he watched the man work out and knew when he was about to head for the shower. Steve did this day after day five days a week – watching the man and the clock, mentally calculating how much time he had left on the cardio machine to be able to beat the man into the shower – the one with the soap.

Steve’s overall life program is competing and winning. This serves him well in a golf tournament or a baseball game, but not in his morning shower routine. This small aggravation is how he starts every morning at 5:45 a.m., and the kicker is that he has been caught in this aggravation for six months.

Do you think this could be draining some of his mental energy? Of course! It has been proven by scientists that being aggravated causes blood pressure to rise and muscles to tense. But what aggravation also does, which we can’t measure with a medical device, is to slowly eat away at the energy we are given for the day.

Small aggravations cause us to get further aggravated by other small situations more easily. Then, our head gets foggy and we do not make clear decisions – we are not present in our life. We are focused and obsessed with the aggravations. All of these things show up in our lives as stress, overwhelm and fatigue.

So what are Steve’s choices? Take a minute and write down what he could have done to ultimately not be aggravated by this situation.

What did you write down? Look at it closely and answer these questions:
1. Did your solution include another person doing something to remove your aggravation?
2. Was your solution a wait and see solution?
If you answered yes to these two questions, I would like you to spend more time on this by thinking about what can you do to alter your situation without asking anyone else to be involved.

You see, we often want to blame or engage others with our aggravations. We do this with the big aggravations in life, and the small ones follow the same pattern.

When I asked, “What are the other solutions?” Steve’s response was, “Well, I told the zombie girl at the desk, and she didn’t do anything about it. Then I told the guy at the desk, “Mr. Friendly,” and, for weeks, nothing was done. Then I told the woman who sold us the membership, and she told me to tell the people at the desk. I have told everyone. It is ridiculous; they can’t get soap in the other two showers!”

Yes, this is a battle I might have fought in the past, but since I have felt what it is like to live in continual peace, I choose not to fight these battles any more.

This is how I see it: Steve has not felt the peace I am speaking of. He is blocked by his Ego program of competition and control – competition with the “Long Shower Man” and control of the way the gym is maintained.

Our Ego will tell us we should fight for the soap! We deserve soap! We are paying for a membership to the “gym with soap,” right? We will be the soap hero, and everyone will know it, because the Ego will let them know! You were the one who complained day after day. And after years of complaining, you got the soap! You might even get a plaque as the client of the year!

Involving others to fix our aggravations takes a lot of energy and time – the two things humans want more of. Plus, involving others usually doesn’t solve the aggravation. This is why we need to look at what you can do that is only in your control that would immediately eliminate the aggravation.

Take time to think about it, and then send me an email with your solution to; I will then let you know what Steve did to eliminate his aggravation and start living in peace, at least in the morning.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moms at Peace … MAP is a program where Moms are supported, honored and taught how to create a life full of peace. The women who are a part of this group share similar stories relating to what a Mom experiences in her roll:
Lack of energy
No one listening to them
Everyone around them is helpless
They feel guilty for spending time away from the family
Their plate is full of the children’s school and sporting events
There is never enough time to get all the chores done

Through this group, women find they are not alone, they learn from others, and they receive the support they are looking for to shift their lives to continual peace.

MAP Monthly Meeting Program
At the monthly meetings we share stories and discuss techniques to shift the stress and overwhelm to peace and harmony. Some of the topics we review are

Releasing programs that cause stress
Understanding a Mom’s roll in the family
How to obtain peace in you and give it to your family
The Three Step approach to living in peace

How to get started:
Contact Lynne to schedule a MAP meeting
Contact your friends who are moms and invite them to your MAP meeting
Attend the MAP meeting and start to receive support and techniques to live in peace.

MAP Meeting Admission:
For meetings up to 3 the admission is $35.00 per attendee
For meetings up to 5 the admission is $25.00 per attendee
For meetings up to 10 the admission is $20.00 per attendee

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Choice

The Choice

Many people believe they have no choices in life. They have to do the job they hate, stay in the relationship they despise, and accept they will always be over weight. This creates stress, overwhelm and feelings of I am not good at anything. After many years of this, life just seems to be a completely messed up and thoughts of what really matters anymore in life fill our minds. This is the Ego in complete control of you. The Ego you say, “What do you mean”? I am not a macho man; I don’t have Ego controlling me. “My life is just messed up and I really don’t have any choices”. I hear this time and time again from all age groups. I am hear to tell you; you are 100% right if that is what you choose to believe. But know this; there is always another choice actually there are so many choices you will be able to choose life will be like a child in a candy store.

There are a few steps to learn and practice to achieve the Total Choice Ability.

1.Journal your thoughts of overwhelm, stress and not enough. Be detailed
2.List one thing you love about life and yourself
3.Spend 15 minutes every morning for 30 days focusing only on what you love about you.
4.Take one area of your life you want to change and spend 15 minutes thinking and journaling what you want, how you want it to be different, and what you can do today to move towards the change you want.

That is the start and as you do this routine you will release the Ego’s control on you and start to experience what life is like when you are connected to your Divine Spirit.

Please know this, life has continual experiences and when we reach the place where we feel like we are on top of the world this is the place where we need to continue doing our Divine Spirit work. This is the time where we can leap to the moon and land on a star.

If you want to continue doing the work on your Divine Spirit contact me about free programs I have to assist you.

Peace, Love and Abundance
Lynne Pietrzyk

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Positive Differences of Love

There are two types of Love; Affection or Doing Love. We are dominating in one type and our soul silently craves the other. The key is to figure out what type you are and understand the other. Most likely your partner is the other type of Love. This has been described in the world as Opposites Attract Love. I always wondered is that it? We are just opposites and so we need to be ok with it. What does that mean anyway? What I feel with the Opposite Attract Love is negativity, doom, and giving up on Love. When I discovered the Affection and Doing Love types I experienced peace and bliss in my inner soul I knew I was onto the Positive Differences of Love.

To understand what type you are we first have to explain the two types of Love. First we will describe the Do’s which is what that Love type likes to do, then the other side of the do’s (which in the negative terms would be what is wrong) but I don’t like to give negativity power so we call it the Other Side of Do’s, then we list the signs which are other affirmations to confirm your love type.

Affection Love;
Do’s- Hugs, Kisses, Holds Hands, Long hugs, Snuggles all night, Making Love to show affection. Does one task at a time

Other side of Do’s – Never enough hugs, kisses or love making. Always wants more and more., struggles to follow through with projects, does not make a To Do List, not in control of their lives, blames others for doing to much and controlling to much with tasks

The Signs – Watches TV without doing anything else, can be present in a room without speaking or sharing with others, does not do multiple things at one time. Allows others to discover and guide them.

Doing Love;
Do’s – Action, Action, completes the To Do List, Leader in Home Management, schedules the lives of the family, Keeps projects, dreams and goals moving forward. Reading, learning and discovering new things.

Other side of Do’s – Others don’t do enough action or projects, wants more accomplished, quick to hug or kiss there are other things to do on the list, slowing down is weak, there is never enough time in the day. Controls the lives of the family. Blames others for not doing enough and controlling with sex.

The Signs – Watches TV and does something else like a craft project, organizing or bills, speaks a lot when with others, their plate is always full and many things going on at once.

So which one are you? Most likely you have also discovered your partner’s type which probably is the other type of Love. The reason for this is your soul needs both and your partner is there to give you the lesson of their type. The bliss and peace come when you honor both yours and your partners love type, experience the others Do’s by doing them, and accept fully their Other Side of Do’s.

How to create Peace in the Love Types; Start with small steps

Here are a few things you can do to create the peace and bliss in you and your relationship.
If you are Doing Love type;
Watch TV without doing anything else
Don’t schedule anything for the weekend allow the days to unfold
Hug your partner for 3 minutes
If you are Affection Love type;
Create a To Do List for the week which honors your relationship
Only watch TV when your partner is watching TV
Ask your partner what you can do to support them today

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace or Stress, You have a Choice.

Which one do you want for today? Often we do not think about this choice, probably never. Think about it… you wake up, get ready for your day, begin your day driving and listening to the continued static talk of the radio, appear at work and maybe get creative, go home, eat dinner, watch T.V., go to bed and then start all over again. And in between these events we are stressed, overwhelmed, hurt, angry and then wonder why our life is the way that it is. If I told you it is only because you did not make a conscious decision on what you wanted your day to be like would you make the choice daily?

If you choose Peace then just take small steps and have fun with it. Here are a few suggestions I have found to start living a peaceful life.

Choose Peace or the opposite Stress every morning at the same time (brushing your teeth, drinking your first cup of coffee, or walking the dog)
Make a list of people you want to thank and thank at least one a day
Waive and Smile at people you pass in the store, driving or walking
Check back in with yourself every hour to make sure you still want Peace.

There are other ways but these are simple basic no overwhelm and they make you feel good too.

If you choose Stress enjoy it, feel it and remember it was your choice, not anyone else. Also make sure to let those around you know your choice, truly it is the least you can do for all of us.

Peace is not from the outside. It is not from someone else or a better job. It is truly about us on the inside. This is hard to hear I know because we have been programmed all of our life to believe Peace is something to big and is from others not ourselves. Typically we get caught up in Peace on Earth and we dream about it, maybe. Or we think there is no way it could happen but if someone would ask you would you say “Oh yes Peace on Earth I am for it”. Truth is most of us would but we have no earthly idea how it could ever be accomplished. It would take people bigger than us and of course more powerful to accomplish Peace on Earth. This is where we give up on Peace and go back to our stressed out lives. But take a minute and think about what you want… Peace in your life? Then all you need to focus on is your peace not the world’s peace. When you focus on your peace the people around you benefit, the community benefits, our country and then our world. It is a ripple effect to all man kind and then back to you.

You might hear the Ego telling you “You can’t create Peace on Earth you are not powerful enough or smart enough”. YOU actually have the ability to shift to peace by starting with small steps. Babies learn to run by taking their first step. You too need to realize your Peace starts with you taking the first step, like a baby. Small and Shaky, Exciting and New, Scary and Thrilling just take the first step.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Judgment and the Backlash that cripples us

Judgment is a silent killer. That’s right -- a killer. Every time we judge someone for not doing something the way we would do it, we are slowly killing ourselves. Here are the signs -- energy is depleted, our thoughts become unfocused and we feel irritated. This can slowly turn into hatred. Furthermore, when we judge someone else, we are not being present in OUR own lives. Instead of focusing on our own moment in time, we become consumed with what the other person should or should not be doing.

OUR moments are all we have, and to waste them away on how someone else should experience their journey is a killer. We honestly do not know what it is like to be someone else. We have no idea what is going on in his or her head. Trying to live in their world is like trying to duplicate their fingerprint. It simply cannot be done. So stop the madness, and you will stop the backlash that cripples you.

Why do we judge? It’s called DIVERSION. It’s easier to spend hours talking about why someone else did what he or she did than for us to stop and look at ourselves. Consider this: the people in life we can’t understand are our gifts – sent to wake us up to the reality of our own lives. Once we do, life becomes easier, less stressful and more abundant.

I know you may have heard this topic before, perhaps from another author or speaker. Maybe this thought process did not work for you then and you are feeling unsure about it now. Well, thank goodness, Thomas Edison did not give up on making the light bulb or you would be reading this in the dark. We have to push through the resistances and keep experiencing OUR moments -- not someone else’s. When we judge others, we kill a part of our magic as human beings. We can do magnificent things in our lives – we just have to walk away from the judgment thoughts.

If you’re ready, I am offering weekly coaching sessions to help you get started. In four weeks, you will feel less stress, become more focused on what you want and experience more peace in your relationships.

I have had such great success with my clients that I will offer you the first session FREE. Call me today at 239-253-2884 or email me at to get started on YOU!