Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Choice

The Choice

Many people believe they have no choices in life. They have to do the job they hate, stay in the relationship they despise, and accept they will always be over weight. This creates stress, overwhelm and feelings of I am not good at anything. After many years of this, life just seems to be a completely messed up and thoughts of what really matters anymore in life fill our minds. This is the Ego in complete control of you. The Ego you say, “What do you mean”? I am not a macho man; I don’t have Ego controlling me. “My life is just messed up and I really don’t have any choices”. I hear this time and time again from all age groups. I am hear to tell you; you are 100% right if that is what you choose to believe. But know this; there is always another choice actually there are so many choices you will be able to choose life will be like a child in a candy store.

There are a few steps to learn and practice to achieve the Total Choice Ability.

1.Journal your thoughts of overwhelm, stress and not enough. Be detailed
2.List one thing you love about life and yourself
3.Spend 15 minutes every morning for 30 days focusing only on what you love about you.
4.Take one area of your life you want to change and spend 15 minutes thinking and journaling what you want, how you want it to be different, and what you can do today to move towards the change you want.

That is the start and as you do this routine you will release the Ego’s control on you and start to experience what life is like when you are connected to your Divine Spirit.

Please know this, life has continual experiences and when we reach the place where we feel like we are on top of the world this is the place where we need to continue doing our Divine Spirit work. This is the time where we can leap to the moon and land on a star.

If you want to continue doing the work on your Divine Spirit contact me about free programs I have to assist you.

Peace, Love and Abundance
Lynne Pietrzyk