Coaching Programs

Complimentary Consultation: Free 15-minute initial phone call to discuss your needs and my style.  This call is to establish a relationship to ensure your success.

There are many coaching plans available to fit your budget.  Sessions are recommended to be 7 days apart or less.  Payment is required in advance to secure your session. We offer a special program for those who are facing difficult times, please contact Lynne to discuss pricing.

48 hour notification by email is required for any changes to selected appointment time or date. Regular session charges will be due for all missed or changed sessions without appropriate notification. 


Level 1  is designed for New Clients
Plan 1A    12     1 hour sessions $900 ($75 per session)

Plan 1B    12     ½ hour sessions $480 ($40 per session)

Level 2  is designed for Clients who have completed Level 1
Plan 2A      8      1 hour sessions $680 ($85 per session)

Plan 2B      8      ½ hour sessions $400 ($50 per session)

Plan 2C      1      2 hour sessions $190 ($95 per session)

Sessions can be done over the phone from anywhere in the country or in person in the Lee and Collier County Florida area.
A coach provides a safe, non judgmental environment to understand how events in life shape us and enables us to take the important steps necessary to meet our goals, finding peace, and healing.  Together we design an action plan to accomplish your success and your coach is there to monitor the progress towards implementation of your action plan. Coaches often act as human mirrors for clients by sharing outside and unbiased perspectives. 

Through the specific techniques you will learn how to handle the drama of every day life and create peaceful experiences for you and all of those around you.

Clients are responsible for their own achievements and success. The client takes action, and the coach may assist, but never leads or does more than the client.

“We teach you how to “Live in Peace” we don’t just “Live in Peace” for you”

If you clicked on this page understand your Soul wants you to start shifting your life to peace, contact Lynne today to get started at 239.253.2884 or email  

“Start Living the Life YOU Dream about”