Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Dream

Our Dreams, Desires, Intentions and Goals sometimes feel so far away and  at times seem to be impossible to reach.  Most spend time thinking about them, visualizing them, and talking about them. 

The real question is how much time do you spend Acting on them?

Below are lyrics to the song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield

"Reaching for something in the distance...so close you can almost taste it"  this is where most people get to, with their Dreams, close almost tasting it...

To Live the Dream you must go into Action...thinking about it is wonderful but Acting Upon It brings it into REALITY.  It is simple if you really want to Live the Dream then Act on It.

Learn how to Act Upon your dreams by asking those who have brought their Dreams into Reality.

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Mir Lynne Pietrzyk

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Believing in YOU

You can choose to believe in yourself, when you do you will see amazing things shift in your life. 

How to start learning the New Way of Thinking

1. Make a List of your beliefs; good, great, bad and ugly
       Now you are aware of the self limiting , fear-based beliefs which make you feel not good enough or sad
       And you know of what beliefs bring you joy and happiness

2. Circle the one you believe will give you the biggest reward if it were shifted to a positive belief

3. Now set your Intention ~ how do you want life to be around this belief

4. List the Gratitude you have with this awareness

5. Most Important Step ~ Action on a daily basis towards removing the belief
        Journal daily on how you feel about the belief, how the belief showed up in your day, & how you felt

If you get stuck on how to JOURNAL, which most do, call me I can go over techniques to help you break through the resistance.

Only through Action do we see the next level of this Divine Life we are given ~ Mir Lynne Pietrzyk

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Vow to YOU

What is a Vow?  We have been taught the Vow to God or the Vow in Marriage but we have not been taught the Vow of Self Love.  When we make a Vow to do something like;  go to a networking event, spend time making new friends on facebook, or going to the gym to workout and we don't do what we said we were going to do ~ this is a form of Self Sabotage ~ translation "Not Loving Our SELF". 

The problem in the vows mentioned above; is it starts with the fact no one is watching us but our self.  We come up with valid factual reasons why we could not go to the gym or a networking event.  We think we can just forget about it ~ Nobody knows you made the Vow to YOU!

However, the only one that truly counts is YOU and YOU do know!  YOU know YOU did not do the things YOU vowed to do!  So you start thinking about how;
  • YOU never follow through on anything 
  • YOU could never  be really successful in your career
  • YOU are lazy and unproductive

Breaking your VOWS to YOU is Self Sabotage and it causes the destruction of the
Amazing Exceptional Being YOU are! 

Let's Look at the dictionary's description of the word VOW this might explain why
vow   /vaʊ/ Show Spelled[vou] Show IPA


1. a solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment: marriage vows; a vow of secrecy.  I like this one, I just needed to make it bigger so we all see it!

2. a solemn promise made to a deity or saint committing oneself to an act, service, or condition.

3. a solemn or earnest declaration.

–verb (used with object)

4. to make a vow of; promise by a vow, as to god or a saint: to vow a crusade or a pilgrimage.  What if we Vowed the crusade of Self LOVE, How would our lives be different?  What would be the benefits?

5. to pledge or resolve solemnly to do, make, give, observe, etc.: They vowed revenge. Wow this is where the message of revenge starts getting programmed in our society, Parents start looking at the dictionary not just the video games which many believe are the cause of the anger in the teens today.

6. to declare solemnly or earnestly; assert emphatically (often fol. by a clause as object): She vowed that she would take the matter to court. And

7. to dedicate or devote by a vow: to vow oneself to the service of God. and to Our Self, Do we really believe that God wants us to not love our self? 

–verb (used without object)

8. to make a vow. and stay committed to it and in doing so we LOVE OUR SELF!

9. to make a solemn or earnest declaration. Yes, our own declaration of SELF LOVE!


10. take vows, to enter a religious order or house.  Yes, true and what about our own House of Self Love?

When we follow through with what we say we are going to do to ~ To Our self for Our Self ~ we do not receive Self Sabotage!  Start today what are you Vowing to do and then do it!
Blessings of Fulfillment In ALL to ALL
Mir Lynne Pietrzyk

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inspire Me Circles and Workshops

Inspire Me Circles, a motivational gathering designed to help inspire those who desire to shift their lives from stress and overwhelm to peace and success.

“Think of a candle party or a jewelry party, without the candles and jewelry. This gathering is all about the people and inspiring them to live the life they dream of,” Pietrzyk says.

The group is the first of its kind in Lee County, although similar concepts are making their way around other areas of the country.

“One of my clients in the Chicago suburbs told me she heard of a ‘What Not to Wear’ party, which is a gathering about how you look on the outside,” Pietrzyk said. “An inspire Me Circle is about how you feel on the inside.”

The idea is that you would gather eight to 10 of your closest friends for a girls evening in your home. Pietrzyk would guide the group through an inspirational book and provide tips and tools to help the group learn how to live life to its fullest.

So, who benefits?

• Anyone who desires the relationships in their life to be peaceful

• Anyone who is dealing with a struggle in their life

• Anyone who wants to learn how to reach their goals without feeling stress

• Anyone who desires their work to be fulfilling

Inspire Me Circles meet once a week for four weeks. Each gathering takes about two hours. The cost per person is $35 for the entire four-week session. For more information or to schedule your Inspire Me Circle, Contact Mir Lynne Pietrzyk at 239-253-2884 or lynne@shiftandwakeup.com.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LIFEBOAT without an Oar

Some moments in life, we feel as though we are on a LifeBoat without an Oar. We might be moving, changing jobs, getting a divorce, sending a child off for college or undergoing another big change in life.

Even though some of these changes are positive, they can still bring on feelings of being overwhelmed. You feel like you’re not enough. You feel stress, fear, impatience, judgment and out of control.
The feeling of not being connected to your Higher Self during these times of change is truly what I feel needs to be worked on. The problems surface when we stay grounded in the Ego’s delusion of judgment, fear and not being enough. It causes us to feel stressed, overwhelmed and out of control. Most of us do not realize these are the results of experiencing a "disconnect" from our Higher Self.

Higher Self is what I call our true connection with God, Jesus, Christ, Buddha, etc. When we are truly connected to our Higher Self, we feel complete, creative, patient and more. We look at others with unconditional love and acceptance no matter what they might say or do.

One way to test and see if you are being unconditional in your love and acceptance is to look at how you are interacting with the first 50 people you see in your day – the people you live with, work with and speak to daily.

Your Ego will tell you that you love unconditionally, because you were nice to the woman in the checkout line, even though she was mean to you. This is important. And the true work lies in those first 50 people in our lives. So let’s get to work and get connected.

The first step is to write down how you are feeling. This can be one word or three pages of words. The objective is to get all your feelings out of your head so you can clear the path to connection.

Second, write down what your intention is. For example, “My intention with my last days at my job is to be at peace and in acceptance with all.”

Third write down what you are grateful for: “I am grateful that I have a position with a company that respects my abilities, talents and past experiences.”

Forth, write down three action steps:

I will ask each team member today how I can help him or her before I leave.

I will use kind words when I speak to all those I encounter.

I will discontinue swamp talk with team members.

This simple technique will allow you to arrive to shore without an Oar.