Thursday, November 11, 2010

When will life be back to normal?

This is a question I hear from clients in my Life Coaching firm. The question I ask is, “What is normal”? After they ponder their thoughts many say “I am not sure” and then I ask “When is it good to go backwards in life”? The wishing life was BACK to NORMAL is a paralyzing thought which keeps us stuck in the past and worried about the future. It turns off our creativity and stops us from living our purpose in life.

Let’s face it, we have all been faced with challenges we don’t want to go back to and our idea of a normal life is not defined, plus are we really here to live a Normal Life? I don’t believe so; I see the greatness in all.   Take the time to answer these questions and start your journey to a New Exciting Life on Purpose...

What have you dreamed of doing in life?

What does your soul long for?

It is Time to Live Life on Purpose

Some naysayers will say “You can’t” making it sound as if you are all alone doing it by yourself. I say you can if you focus on touching one person with the greatest version of yourself. You are then in momentum, next set up a plan of action, journal through your sabotaging feelings, and apply positive action into your life.  If you are still struggling then call me I can give you some tips on how to overcome the resistances many face when making a difference in Life.