Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Positive Differences of Love

There are two types of Love; Affection or Doing Love. We are dominating in one type and our soul silently craves the other. The key is to figure out what type you are and understand the other. Most likely your partner is the other type of Love. This has been described in the world as Opposites Attract Love. I always wondered is that it? We are just opposites and so we need to be ok with it. What does that mean anyway? What I feel with the Opposite Attract Love is negativity, doom, and giving up on Love. When I discovered the Affection and Doing Love types I experienced peace and bliss in my inner soul I knew I was onto the Positive Differences of Love.

To understand what type you are we first have to explain the two types of Love. First we will describe the Do’s which is what that Love type likes to do, then the other side of the do’s (which in the negative terms would be what is wrong) but I don’t like to give negativity power so we call it the Other Side of Do’s, then we list the signs which are other affirmations to confirm your love type.

Affection Love;
Do’s- Hugs, Kisses, Holds Hands, Long hugs, Snuggles all night, Making Love to show affection. Does one task at a time

Other side of Do’s – Never enough hugs, kisses or love making. Always wants more and more., struggles to follow through with projects, does not make a To Do List, not in control of their lives, blames others for doing to much and controlling to much with tasks

The Signs – Watches TV without doing anything else, can be present in a room without speaking or sharing with others, does not do multiple things at one time. Allows others to discover and guide them.

Doing Love;
Do’s – Action, Action, completes the To Do List, Leader in Home Management, schedules the lives of the family, Keeps projects, dreams and goals moving forward. Reading, learning and discovering new things.

Other side of Do’s – Others don’t do enough action or projects, wants more accomplished, quick to hug or kiss there are other things to do on the list, slowing down is weak, there is never enough time in the day. Controls the lives of the family. Blames others for not doing enough and controlling with sex.

The Signs – Watches TV and does something else like a craft project, organizing or bills, speaks a lot when with others, their plate is always full and many things going on at once.

So which one are you? Most likely you have also discovered your partner’s type which probably is the other type of Love. The reason for this is your soul needs both and your partner is there to give you the lesson of their type. The bliss and peace come when you honor both yours and your partners love type, experience the others Do’s by doing them, and accept fully their Other Side of Do’s.

How to create Peace in the Love Types; Start with small steps

Here are a few things you can do to create the peace and bliss in you and your relationship.
If you are Doing Love type;
Watch TV without doing anything else
Don’t schedule anything for the weekend allow the days to unfold
Hug your partner for 3 minutes
If you are Affection Love type;
Create a To Do List for the week which honors your relationship
Only watch TV when your partner is watching TV
Ask your partner what you can do to support them today