Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Law of Flexibility

Flexibility avails us far more than either passivity or resistance;

by actively using whatever arises,

 embracing even the most painful circumstances,

 we deal with our difficulties more effectively,

as we begin to see them as a form of spiritual training.


I truly honor the words from Dan Millman regarding the Law of Flexibility; “Flexibility involves a pragmatic acceptance of, rather than ridged resistance toward, the present moment – acceptance of ourselves, others and current circumstances”.  Millman goes on to explain how this does not imply being passive and tolerating things you don’t like.  To activate flexibility in our lives we must be alert and in an expansive state of awareness.  

The First Teaching is to look at what you consider a stumbling block, what seems to hold you back?                 
 Some might see this as an anchor not allowing them to move forward. 

Next ask yourself what is this teaching me?

·        Patience

·        Clear communication

·        Boundaries

·        Honesty with my self

When we learn to take our stumbling blocks and turn them into teachings for our life we quickly see stumbling blocks as opportunities.  Then life starts to Shift!


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