Friday, December 3, 2010

Let Your Heart Speak

The heart is in direct communication with the human soul, and when the heart speaks, even with the resistance of the head, something inside you changes. Your heart opens another heart, and true loved is possible. By Don Miguel Ruiz

How to speak from you heart starts with a plan; Why? Because we have only spoke from our sabotaging emotions, also known as the head, for most of our life.

Here are a few steps to start speaking from your heart;

■Journal about your feelings/emotions; blame, guilt, anger, not good enough feelings are usual feelings which come up.

■List your Gratitude around the situation

■Make a decision on what you want the situation to be; example open heart connection or closed heart

■Set your Intention for what you want; how will you make a difference in your life to make your intention happen

■Make your Action Plan; start with small steps and lead up to big ones but most important make sure you can do what you say are going to do. Sabotaging emotions set in when we set our action plan step to high and then we fall backwards.

“As we focus on opening our heart it can only open the hearts of everyone around us”