Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace or Stress, You have a Choice.

Which one do you want for today? Often we do not think about this choice, probably never. Think about it… you wake up, get ready for your day, begin your day driving and listening to the continued static talk of the radio, appear at work and maybe get creative, go home, eat dinner, watch T.V., go to bed and then start all over again. And in between these events we are stressed, overwhelmed, hurt, angry and then wonder why our life is the way that it is. If I told you it is only because you did not make a conscious decision on what you wanted your day to be like would you make the choice daily?

If you choose Peace then just take small steps and have fun with it. Here are a few suggestions I have found to start living a peaceful life.

Choose Peace or the opposite Stress every morning at the same time (brushing your teeth, drinking your first cup of coffee, or walking the dog)
Make a list of people you want to thank and thank at least one a day
Waive and Smile at people you pass in the store, driving or walking
Check back in with yourself every hour to make sure you still want Peace.

There are other ways but these are simple basic no overwhelm and they make you feel good too.

If you choose Stress enjoy it, feel it and remember it was your choice, not anyone else. Also make sure to let those around you know your choice, truly it is the least you can do for all of us.

Peace is not from the outside. It is not from someone else or a better job. It is truly about us on the inside. This is hard to hear I know because we have been programmed all of our life to believe Peace is something to big and is from others not ourselves. Typically we get caught up in Peace on Earth and we dream about it, maybe. Or we think there is no way it could happen but if someone would ask you would you say “Oh yes Peace on Earth I am for it”. Truth is most of us would but we have no earthly idea how it could ever be accomplished. It would take people bigger than us and of course more powerful to accomplish Peace on Earth. This is where we give up on Peace and go back to our stressed out lives. But take a minute and think about what you want… Peace in your life? Then all you need to focus on is your peace not the world’s peace. When you focus on your peace the people around you benefit, the community benefits, our country and then our world. It is a ripple effect to all man kind and then back to you.

You might hear the Ego telling you “You can’t create Peace on Earth you are not powerful enough or smart enough”. YOU actually have the ability to shift to peace by starting with small steps. Babies learn to run by taking their first step. You too need to realize your Peace starts with you taking the first step, like a baby. Small and Shaky, Exciting and New, Scary and Thrilling just take the first step.