Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered ... When will Life be in balance?

Many of my clients ask me how to achieve balance in their lives.  Here are my tips, the ones that helped me rebuild my marriage, harmonize my relationships with family and friends, and taught me how to love myself in the process.

  • Make time for you 1 hour of reflecting on your day in meditation or just sitting quietly
  • Journaling your thoughts that keep you up at night or you think about all day long,
  • Hire a experienced Life Coach to support you on your journey to a life of balance.

I teach a journaling class in SWFL, we would love t have you join us. For more information http://www.shiftandwakeup.com/calendar.html


Here are a few questions to ask a Life Coach before you hire them.  http://www.shiftandwakeup.com/questions.html

Living in Peace

Ego could be defined as whatever covers up basic goodness.

From an experiential point of view, what is ego covering up? It's covering up our experience of just being here, just fully being where we are, so that we can relate with the immediacy of our experience. Egolessness is a state of mind that has complete confidence in the sacredness of the world. It is unconditional well being, unconditional joy that includes all the different qualities of our experience.
By Pema Chodron

The Ego is all the thoughts of fear, judgment, self-pity, anger and the actions of control which results in Stress and Overwhelm in your days and finally resulting in a life without Peace.

Learning to live a life of Peace is like learning to ride a bike, you have to keep working at it and soon you will experience it.

If you are unsure on how to get started call me for a 15 minute complimentary session to discuss how my coaching sessions can guide you to living a life with Peace.

Go in Peace
Coach Lynne

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11-11-11 Celebrate the Power of the number 11

What can one expect when they understand and honor the number 11?

  •  Seeing new opportunities a Visionary
  • Completes tasks
  • Reaching your goals
  • Understands what others are thinking
  • Cooperation with others
  • Relationship harmony
  • Balance in life

 If you want to enhance any or all of these areas join us on 11-11-11 for more details go to www.shiftandwakeup.com/calendar