Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whats that Gut Feeling ya got and what does it mean?

To experience and express the power of trust, there is no easy way out. There is always a better way! When your back is against the wall, do not be tempted to take the easy way out. Avoid taking the short cut. Never allow the pressure of the moment to force you to do something that is dishonest or dishonorable. Before you strike out in terror or anger, call for the strength, energy and presence of mind to do what is best for everyone involved including you. No matter what happens to you, you will be better off if you look for a better way of doing things. Trust that no matter what stands before you, you can handle it by taking the high road.

The high road is any action taken or any word spoken with the intention of restoring peace, invoking healing or advancing love. It can be difficult to keep your eye on the road when you feel like you are being dishonored or harmed in some way. Fear can also make you lose sight of the road—the fear of being abandoned, rejected or discovered. How you respond when you are faced with one of these fears is understandable. Unfortunately, in the universe, it may not be excusable.

When you are stressed, pressured or simply afraid, it is easy to be lured into being dishonest. If you are angry, it is understandable that you would want to strike out. In these situations, you may feel that a lie will save you and chances are you will consider telling the lie. There is always a better way. When the boundaries of what is good, honest, loving and harmonious are deliberately trespassed, there may be hell to pay. Look for the high road. Trust yourself enough to refuse to do anything that will not create or support peace, healing and love.

Exerpt from “Until Today” By Ivanla VanZant

Sweet and Sour Game

Recently I moved into a beautiful gated community in Estero, Florida called the Roockery. The community is quiet and small, but long if it is your first day back to running.

One of my intentions when I move into a community is to connect with those who call it home too. How I do this is by playing the Sweet and Sour Game.
To find out if someone is Sweet or Sour you wave at them as if you have seen an old friend for the first time in a very long time to every person you see.



 If they wave back they are Sweet if they don’t they are Sour. The look on their faces is hilarious but most important they start waving too as they see my little blue car pull around the corner. I am sure they are in wonder where do I know that lady but their soul smiles and they feel good. My intention set into action. Let’s face it we all like to have someone notice us by waving and smiling at us. Why because it feels better than the snubbing or the two finger point wave. So the next time you see someone put a little more into the wave and smile, you will feel good because you gave unconditionally.

Ps ~ refrain from expecting them to wave back, if they are Sour today they might be Sweet tomorrow is my belief. I have been waving to one lady in my community for 2 ½ months and she still has not waved to me, I just Laugh-Out-Loud and know she will soon.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to have Peace with a Midlife Crisis

A Crisis in the Making

What is a midlife crisis? Is it real? If so, does it mean you have to make major life changes to get through it? Read my blog to learn the truth. You may be surprised!

Do we have a crisis because that is what everyone else has? Like getting the fancier car because the neighbor just got a new car. Do we label others with a crisis like the “midlife crisis?”

I have thought about this; gone through what could be labeled as a midlife crisis; coached clients who said they were going through a midlife crisis and read many articles about the signs of midlife crisis.

The term midlife crisis is a label, and it has no solution. I see it as a negative label with the message saying, “Just get over yourself” or “Just forget about it” or “Your life will be better when all the things around you – career, relationships, health and finances – get better.”

This is the first delusion. A crisis is not happening because of anyone or anything outside of you. The crisis is just YOU. So let’s get real and learn why we have crises. When we know the why, what and how, we can shift to healing what we have labeled a crisis.

How did the crisis come to be? I believe it started in the beginning of our life journeys. As a child, we are given the answers and told what to do and when to do it. As a teenager, we are expected to know what to do and how to do it. Then, comes the spreading of our wings – we are expected to know how to fly, but our teen years were not spent on Life Flying Lessons, so we spend a few years falling down and getting up again.

We go to college or dedicate ourselves to a career, and by our mid-twenties, we are feeling good about ourselves. By thirty, we have most likely found a life partner and even started a family. We feel a sense of relief – the spotlight is not shining on us. We have arrived, and our Ego says its time to sit back and go to sleep. “You have made it. You have done what all the elders have asked you to do. You have a career and a family. Now it’s time to take a break.”

Then we arrive in our late thirties or early forties, and start to wake up from the coma – the break our Ego told us to take – and we say, “What’s going on? I am alive, but I am not living. I want more out of life than this. It must be my career, my job or my relationship that did this to me.”

Then our mind races, dances and fills itself with thoughts of the Ego, “Life would be better if I was not in this relationship, career or job.” At this moment, we have a chance to own our responsibility and clean up our life. Often that means staying in the career, job or relationship while we clean up ourselves.

Why do we have crises? I believe we have them because we are not congruent in our life. To be congruent, our thoughts, words and actions need to be in line with one another. One of the ways we are incongruent is when we divert into someone else’s life by fixing and enabling them. When we divert onto someone else’s life journey, we are not present in our own life. Our soul goes into a coma, and we live in someone else’s life. Then one day we wake up and say, “What’s going on? What am I doing in life?” We blame the person whose life we diverted into, and Ego thoughts start developing, “He/she controlled me, made me do things I don’t want to do, and held me back from my dreams.” These are thoughts of the Ego with judgment and martyr written all over them. Then we say, “There has to be more out of life than what my life is right now.”

This brings me to the “what.” What is a crisis? A crisis is when we decide we want our life to be different than it has been. Having a crisis does not mean we should end a relationship, quit a job, change a career or move to a new town or state. We hear people say it all the time, “Oh, they got a divorce because he/she was going through a midlife crisis.” What really happened is that person woke up and said, “For the last 15 years I have done everything they have wanted, and I am not living the life I want.” As a result, they think they must leave the relationship, job or career to enjoy life. But, the truth is that leaving is not the action that will make the crisis go away. And, leaving without realizing our responsibility in the crisis will only create the pattern again in another relationship, job or career.

If you think you’re having a crisis, I will be happy to coach you through it. Call me at 239-253-2884 or email me at lynne@shiftandwakeup.com.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Do You Desire Peaceful Relationships?

Do you wonder if you will ever find love in your life? Do you wonder why your friendships are filled with conflict? Do you see most of the people around you as unsupportive? Read this blog to learn how to turn the relationships in your life from chaos to peace.

Many of us experience difficult relationships – whether with a spouse, co-worker, family member or friend. It’s difficult to understand why these relationships are always filled with conflict. Usually, we look to blame the other party, but, the truth is, in order to heal these relationships and find love, it first starts with healing you.

Most people don’t know how to heal themselves or even what it means. Healing you is a process of steps over a course of time. Ah, time, the one thing we don’t have enough of. Now you’re thinking, “You want me to do something that will take more time?”

Would you believe me if I told you that spending a few hours a week working on you would actually triple the number of hours you had in a week? If you knew that, would you do it? The way I see it is, you don’t have much to lose, because you are flushing time down the drain with all the chaos, drama and conflict in your relationships as they are.

How to heal you starts with a list of what you want your life to be, how you want to feel, and how you want to interact with the world. Do you want a life of Peace or Stress? It is truly that simple, Peace or Stress?

Most choose Peace, but knowing it and acting on it are where we get stuck. We have not had training in school or college on how to create Peace in our life.

So, here is a tip.

Make a list of what you think Peace feels like.

List out what brings Peace to you.

Commit today to do one of them and start healing you.

You Deserve it!

Contact a Certified Master Life Coach to start working on your path of healing and stay on course. I offer a 15 minute complimentary Coaching Session, for those who desire their lives to be at Peace, call me today at 239-253-2884 or email me at Lynne@ShiftandWakeUP.com to schedule your time.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is your Guardian Angel Guiding you?

Many people ask, “How do you know when your Guardian Angel is guiding you?” My reply is, “How do you not know?” Our Angels are guiding us all the time – unfortunately, we do not slow down enough to listen.

Some people have said their Angels must be dark or bad, because bad stuff always happens to them. This is just their way of not taking responsibility for their actions. Our Guardian Angels are not bad; they do not create bad things to happen to us – we do that all on our own. Angels, along with God, want us to live a life of peace and bliss. It is our Ego that keeps us from having that life – not our Angels and God.

We need to understand that communication with our Angels and God is not limited to our voice box. They also communicate through “experiences” – either in our life or in the lives of others around us. Our daily, weekly and yearly experiences are how they communicate with us. Many do not understand how the small experiences are messages.

Here are a few things to think about the next time this happens to you:

• Someone is repeatedly trying to give you important papers that you will need later, but you keep saying, “There is time. I will get them from you later.” Then you forget to get them, which causes you to run around stressed out trying to get the papers that you kept pushing away earlier. This example of not listening to your Angels is causing you stress.

• Someone tells you a story about their road trip and how they almost being snuffed out by a semi-truck. Later that day, a semi-truck almost snuffs you out, but because someone told you his or her story, you were aware and able to blow your horn in time. This is listening to your Angels, and it prevented you from getting into an accident.

• The best one is when you lock your keys in your vehicle. Many people beat themselves up over this, but actually, this is only your Angels stopping you from getting into a car accident. Just because we can’t push the fast forward button and see it with our own eyes does not mean it is not true.

All of our experiences are God-given, and our Angels are there to guide us through them with peace. We have become so out of touch with our Spirit, most of us have a hard time recognizing that experiences are God-given when they are difficult. The only reason experiences are difficult is that we are not seeing them with God’s eyes – we are using our Ego’s eyes.

Take the time to slow down and make a list of your experiences today – even when you drop a glass on the floor and it shatters into a million pieces. Each of our experiences leads us to the next. As you write them down, you will start to see how your Angels are helping you through them. You will also see how some experiences are repeated, and their level of intensity increases when we don’t take time to learn from them.

If you would like to learn more about understanding your Guardian Angels, please contact me for a list of classes and private sessions. You can reach me at Lynne@ShiftandWakeUP.com Sending all love and guidance to a life of Peace.