Monday, December 2, 2013

Relationships Happiness vs. Anger

Relationships Happiness vs. Anger
How to get off the rollercoaster ride of life

Life Shift Message by Miriam Lynne Pietrzyk

Do you dream of having happiness in your life, but one or more of your relationships are having highs and lows like a rollercoaster? Maybe one day things are great, but the next they are not?

Unfortunately most individuals believe it is “normal” to get stuck on the emotional rollercoaster of life. While all relationships do go through ups and downs, the extremes of those ups and downs do not have to be so extreme. You can have more of a flow of happiness in your relationships.

Understanding what these ups and downs are teaching you and how to level the ride can help you develop your “internal foundation.” It is in this internal foundation that your happiness thrives.

 “Happiness is possible, and it is yours if you truly want to have it.”

First you need to understand what happiness looks like to you. Here are a few steps to begin. Get out your journal and a pen and answer these questions:

1.       When in your life have you felt happiness? Describe it in as much detail as possible

2.       From this, what would you conclude makes you happy? What do you like to do?

3.       What one action can you apply to your day to bring you happiness?

Most individuals have lived in the belief that happiness is found in their relationships, career, and even wealth. But when these things do not go as the individual would like, this belief causes the rollercoaster to go into a downward spiral, causing scattered thoughts, emotional outbreaks, rage, and even depression.

It is important to know when you experience the spinning, it is only teaching you what is needed  -- not that you are broken and damaged. This spinning is your internal foundation asking you to level your life and claim your happiness.

True happiness starts with you claiming what you want and standing up for it. When you do, you will feel a sense of peace. This peace will allow you to begin to fill your cup of happiness. When your cup is full, you will have extra to give. When you have extra to give, it will flow into your relationships and bring you a feeling of true relationship happiness.

Filling your cup is an act of self-love. Here is how to bring more self-love into your life:

1.       Do one thing every day for you – it could be simply taking time to enjoy nature or meditating.

2.       Join a group of others who are creating happiness in their lives. The SWFL People Shine Project is one example.

3.       Receive an energy healing – Reiki is a great way to restore your energy.

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I also recommend applying the action of setting your Transformational Intention. Here is how to write your Transformational Intention.

1. Think about your intention.

Transformational Intention example: “My belief about Happiness is I am expanding my awareness and learning new ways to focus with positive awareness about happiness in my life.”

 Conflicting Intention example: “I believe I am Happy.”

This is a conflicting intention, because if a part of us does not believe it, we go into conflict with getting out of our box. This will cause stress, because it is forcing happiness. But the transformational intention allows for your expansion and growth without it being forced.

2. Write your Transformational Intention on notecards and place them in several places you see often in your day.

3. Read your Transformational Intention at least 3 times a day. I recommend the morning time while getting ready, then lunch and bedtime. Making this one of the first and last things you read every day will assist you in getting outside the box of limitations.

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Here are some common statements I hear from individuals: “She is always angry at me, I think she hates me.” Or “He never wants to spend time with me.” Or “He is always yelling.”