Monday, December 31, 2012

This is the YEAR, are you ready to make your Life what your Soul wants?

The time has come where playing it safe in a career which does not feed your soul is no longer going to be acceptable in life. 

This might seem a bit scary at first thinking that what you are doing for a paycheck might change but there are many solutions which are gentle and easy on you and all those in your family.

The point is this, you are transforming whether you like it or not.  The Choice you have is if you want it to be gentle and fun or if you want there to be chaos and disharmony.

If you are interested in gentle and fun then there is an abundance of fun ways to transform and honor Your Soul.

To name a few;

Life Coaching Business -
What a great way to give back to your Soul and the World all at the same time.

Life Coaching Certification and Training Level 1

Spiritual Courses
Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom are key to your Souls Work here are a few classes
  • DeCoding Life
  • Adept Initiation
  • Souls Path Day Retreats
  • Year of the Soul Class
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