Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Medicine Wheel Journey - The Serpent ~ Divine Transformational Healer

Come travel the medicine wheel on an 8-10 month journey into the center of yourself. Learn about how to work with the energies contained within the sacred stone circle of the medicine wheel.
What is the Medicine Wheel?
The Medicine Wheel can help bring your body, mind and spirit back into a state of harmony and balance, reconnecting you to parts of your SELF that you may have forgotten, re-establishing the knowledge of your interconnection to all that is. Using the process of life itself, people, animals, the earth and all our relationships we rediscover who and what we truly are.
Want to learn about the medicine wheel, but don't feel like you have an addiction? No worries. We all have areas where we may be "stuck" or in a holding or repeating pattern in our lives.

Addiction Alchemy and the Recovery Medicine Wheel doesn't directly approach addiction, but rather acknowledges the process of addiction within all of our lives, focusing on the remembrance of all the parts of the self to restore wholeness. We believe that all recovery is a recovery of the true self... and it is from this place that true healing and growth occur.

Become the tracker in your own life, learn how to read spiritual messages that are all around you, tap into the power of animal guides and archetypes, learn about sacred ceremony and much more.

The Divine Serpent of Transformational Healing

May 4, 2013
3:00 pm
1939 Park Meadows Drive Suite 1
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Contact; Mir Lynne Pietrzyk at 239-253-2884
Cost; $75.00 per gathering every 6-8weeks for 5 gatherings


Divine Protection, the highest of protection, nothing can touch us that is lower than the Angels and Ascended Masters of the God Light

The Divine Mother the healer of all healers

Super Power of Healing

The Discipline of Life is imperative

The support and bond to each other is critical for this power to be here on the earth

You have been asked to do this work and you have the ability to change the lower energies into compassion, grace and love by simply looking at it with these energies in your heart, silence is power yet you will speak with discipline and focus and will always uplift with love those who hear your words.

All that has happened in the past is reviewed, pluck out the Divine Healing that the experience taught you bringing forth only the aspects of God which is the Power of the Divine Healer

We are never again infected by lower energies.  But isn’t it all for our learning?  Yes, but that phase is complete your power is too great to be wasted on little stuff said my Guides.

It is time to see you in the image of God.


I live today with the wisdom of the Divine Transformational Healer

My movements are smooth

All that I experience is smooth and gentle

I see the many choices in all experiences of life

I can quickly make a choice for the highest good for all

I speak through my body language

The power of my Eternal Healer radiates the colors of the rainbow

My quest is to teach others to heal through my ability to heal myself

I consciously choose the devotion of the Divine Transformational Healer

Eternal life is mine to claim

What do you choose eternity or not

I shed away all that no longer serves me

My pure desire is invoked in me

I taste life fully by loving myself

I drink the poison to forever be protected and healed

Trust is in every molecule of air I breathe

I walk into all worlds and give eternal healing

I live my days at 120% by maintaining 100% of my energy

I give and receive with my cup run over

I see the serpent and I am forever healed

I am all aspects of God

I know my soul’s voice

Symbols – Star of Life & Mose's Staff with the Copper Snake

Crystals – Moldavite, Azeztulite, Gaia Stone, Danburite, Prasiolite, Serpantine, Copper

Colors – Copper, Red, White, Blue

Book – Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss