Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Do you teach your kids to tell the truth?

To understand how to teach your kids to tell the truth you first have to examine how we teach them to lie. Here is a short story on how we teach kids to lie...
I witnessed how we are taught to lie last night at my son’s little league game, A boy was up to bat, the ball came in and the batter fell to the ground avoiding getting hit. However the Umpire thought he got hit and told him to take the base. The batter was honest and said “I Did Not Get HIT ” the batters' parents and coaches were yelling at the batter “Yes, it did take the base, the Umpire called it” the boy repeated himself again and again, “No it did not” and he stayed at the plate slamming the next pitch and making it to third. Unfortunately the parents and coaches did not see the true gift of telling the truth. The batter was on third instead of on first. We have to watch how we teach young adults for our own win and glory. Check in with your actions and words are they the truth? If not, then you can’t get upset with your kids for not telling the truth, they have learned it from you. Teaching kids to speak the truth is a lesson for all involved, I encourage you to start today it will make our world a better place. Go in Truth

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is your Guardian Angel Guiding you?

Many people ask, “How do you know when your Guardian Angel is guiding you?” My reply is, “How do you not know?” Our Angels are guiding us all the time – unfortunately, we do not slow down enough to listen.

Some people have said their Angels must be dark or bad, because bad stuff always happens to them. This is just their way of not taking responsibility for their actions. Our Guardian Angels are not bad; they do not create bad things to happen to us – we do that all on our own. Angels, along with God, want us to live a life of peace and bliss. It is our Ego that keeps us from having that life – not our Angels and God.

We need to understand that communication with our Angels and God is not limited to our voice box. They also communicate through “experiences” – either in our life or in the lives of others around us. Our daily, weekly and yearly experiences are how they communicate with us. Many do not understand how the small experiences are messages.

Here are a few things to think about the next time this happens to you:

· Someone is repeatedly trying to give you important papers that you will need later, but you keep saying, “There is time. I will get them from you later.” Then you forget to get them, which causes you to run around stressed out trying to get the papers that you kept pushing away earlier. This example of not listening to your Angels is causing you stress.

· Someone tells you a story about their road trip and how they almost being snuffed out by a semi-truck. Later that day, a semi-truck almost snuffs you out, but because someone told you his or her story, you were aware and able to blow your horn in time. This is listening to your Angels, and it prevented you from getting into an accident.

· The best one is when you lock your keys in your vehicle. Many people beat themselves up over this, but actually, this is only your Angels stopping you from getting into a car accident. Just because we can’t push the fast forward button and see it with our own eyes does not mean it is not true.

All of our experiences are God-given, and our Angels are there to guide us through them with peace. We have become so out of touch with our Spirit, most of us have a hard time recognizing that experiences are God-given when they are difficult. The only reason experiences are difficult is that we are not seeing them with God’s eyes – we are using our Ego’s eyes.

Take the time to slow down and make a list of your experiences today – even when you drop a glass on the floor and it shatters into a million pieces. Each of our experiences leads us to the next. As you write them down, you will start to see how your Angels are helping you through them. You will also see how some experiences are repeated, and their level of intensity increases when we don’t take time to learn from them.

If you would like to learn more about understanding your Guardian Angels, please contact me for a list of classes and private sessions. You can reach me at Sending all love and guidance to a life of Peace.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Award

Awards. We all love to win them. We love to brag about them. They show the world that we are good at something. But how important are those awards, really? We can’t take them with us when we die. What will happen to them? Will someone just dump them in the trash as they clean out our belongings? Perhaps there’s more to a career than winning awards. Read my blog to learn about the true gifts we give and receive in our careers.

Winning an award is great, fun and exciting! It’s a jolt to the Ego; and a way to prove to others you have made it in your career.

We like awards, and we have been programmed to like them. We get them from a young age – first starting with food as a small child. Then in school, teachers give out awards like the clouds give us rain drops – a lot. They showered us in them.

As we get older, we get awards in college, from our employers, from the non-profit organizations we volunteer for, and even from the neighborhoods we live in.

If we could only carry these awards around with us as we grow older – to show everyone what we have done in our life. It would make our Ego feel so good.

Let me tell you what I experienced one hot summer day in July. I was having lunch with a close friend, and we were having a great time. I knew many other people in the restaurant, too. Normally, I would approach them to say, “Hi” and spend a few minutes catching up with them, but this was my friend’s time. I wanted her to know she was special to me, and that I was truly there to see her.

We sat in a moon shaped booth, which, by the way, is weird for going out with just one other friend. I made the most of it and sat right in the middle. She sat to my left. Our conversation was great, the food was awesome and the time spent together was wonderful. Then my friend excused herself to go to the restroom.

I sat there in the middle of the moon shaped booth. At first, it was odd, strange and a little uncomfortable. I watched a baby eat and people in the restaurant converse happily with each other, and then I saw an older man – one who looked grateful to be walking – stroll by with his wife.

I thought, “I know him, Oh, my gosh, I know him!” I yelled his name, “Hank, Hank, Hank.” His frail body turned to look in my direction. I could tell he had no idea who I was. I scooted out of the booth and walked up to him like a kid walking up to Mickey Mouse.

“It’s Lynne Pietrzyk, Pelican Landing,” I said. He smiled really big. His wife remembered me too. I was not even thinking about what to say, I just started telling him how much his support, encouragement and guidance has been with me all the 13 years since I last saw him. His eyes filled with tears, and he smiled a huge smile that appeared like it would permanently be on his face. I gave them my number, wished them a blessed day and thanked him again.

As I walked back to my seat, the message was load and clear. It is not what awards you have gotten in life. It is the people you touch, inspire, encourage, guide and support. I went back to my seat where my friend was waiting for me. The excitement was busting out of me. I could not believe I saw him. I got to speak with him, and the message I received was a true gift from God.

I told my friend the story of Hank. He was the former CEO of Spiegel magazine. He created The Spiegel Catalog. I am not certain, but I am sure he won some awards from some organization in his life. But at that moment it was not about the awards. It was about how he continued to support, guide and encourage me that brought the feelings of fulfillment, peace, abundance and love to all of us as we stood in the restaurant.

At the end of our life, we could pull around all of the awards we’ve won in a little red wagon. Maybe someone will invent a wagon we can attach to wheel chairs to assure we get to showcase our awards till the end of our journey. Or maybe if would be better if we could just tote around pictures of those who we have inspired, guided and truly touched in a photo album. These photos would tell the story of our life and those who were shifted in a positive direction because we met them. This is truly what I believe we will be looking to remember and what will bring us the most peace and joy at the end.

Take time to think about who you have guided and who has guided you, and truly thank them for allowing you the opportunity to guide and for their guidance.

Peace, Love and Joy
Lynne Pietrzyk

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Gifts you are given

The good news is that we are all given many gifts in our daily lives. The bad news is that many of us have not learned to appreciate them. These gifts come in many forms, but they are often overlooked. Why is this?

It’s because we are busy dwelling on the past and holding onto guilt … and worrying about the unknown future. Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future prevents us from living in our Present moment; and it prevents us from seeing the gifts given to us every day.

Many of us have not yet been taught what to do when worry and fear start working on our thoughts, but that’s what I would like to do for you. Read on to learn a simple technique to get you started on the lesson.

This lesson is just like learning algebra – you have to start with simple steps and build on them to learn it fully. If you can commit to 15 minutes a day, you will master the first phase.

The first phase is journaling your thoughts. To many this is scary, and they get a huge mental block about it. I believe this is because it is so simple. Many people believe it is too simple, so it can’t possibly help them. As a result, they don’t do the journaling.

Remember this is the first lesson. Once you see and feel the benefits of journaling, you have mastered it, and it will be a common way you work through your experiences of life.

Many clients ask me, “What am I suppose to write about?” This answer is different for everyone, but in the beginning, I would say describe the way you feel, remembering that there is no right or wrong answer, and you will not be asked to turn this homework in for a grade.

Learning to recognize the feelings and thoughts spinning in your head has not been a lesson we have spent much time learning. Allowing your true feelings to be described will teach you how to recognize your thoughts, allow you to appreciate your present moment, and help you start to release the past and present worries and fears.

Once you have spent 15 minutes journaling daily, you will discover on one special day that you are starting to see your life’s gifts. This is the first step. The second step is learning how to create the life you desire. This second step is a little more complex, and I suggest contacting a Certified Master Life Coach.

Note from the Author:
I write this to awaken you and give to you the first lesson I have learned which have set me free of the worries and fears of life. Yes, I am a Certified Master Life Coach and I would enjoy working with you. Call me today to schedule your 15 minute complimentary coaching session.
“Your Soul is calling for You to take Action”

Certified Master Life Coach, Lynne Pietrzyk