Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moms at Peace … MAP is a program where Moms are supported, honored and taught how to create a life full of peace. The women who are a part of this group share similar stories relating to what a Mom experiences in her roll:
Lack of energy
No one listening to them
Everyone around them is helpless
They feel guilty for spending time away from the family
Their plate is full of the children’s school and sporting events
There is never enough time to get all the chores done

Through this group, women find they are not alone, they learn from others, and they receive the support they are looking for to shift their lives to continual peace.

MAP Monthly Meeting Program
At the monthly meetings we share stories and discuss techniques to shift the stress and overwhelm to peace and harmony. Some of the topics we review are

Releasing programs that cause stress
Understanding a Mom’s roll in the family
How to obtain peace in you and give it to your family
The Three Step approach to living in peace

How to get started:
Contact Lynne to schedule a MAP meeting
Contact your friends who are moms and invite them to your MAP meeting
Attend the MAP meeting and start to receive support and techniques to live in peace.

MAP Meeting Admission:
For meetings up to 3 the admission is $35.00 per attendee
For meetings up to 5 the admission is $25.00 per attendee
For meetings up to 10 the admission is $20.00 per attendee

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