Friday, April 16, 2010

Do you teach your kids to tell the truth?

To understand how to teach your kids to tell the truth you first have to examine how we teach them to lie. Here is a short story on how we teach kids to lie...
I witnessed how we are taught to lie last night at my son’s little league game, A boy was up to bat, the ball came in and the batter fell to the ground avoiding getting hit. However the Umpire thought he got hit and told him to take the base. The batter was honest and said “I Did Not Get HIT ” the batters' parents and coaches were yelling at the batter “Yes, it did take the base, the Umpire called it” the boy repeated himself again and again, “No it did not” and he stayed at the plate slamming the next pitch and making it to third. Unfortunately the parents and coaches did not see the true gift of telling the truth. The batter was on third instead of on first. We have to watch how we teach young adults for our own win and glory. Check in with your actions and words are they the truth? If not, then you can’t get upset with your kids for not telling the truth, they have learned it from you. Teaching kids to speak the truth is a lesson for all involved, I encourage you to start today it will make our world a better place. Go in Truth

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