Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to have a Purpose Driven Life

Have you ever wondered what you are here for? What you are supposed to be doing in this life? If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle with these thoughts on a daily basis. The answers to these questions are not out of reach. Read my blog to learn how you can start living your life on purpose.

I hear these questions a lot, “What is living a life on purpose?” “When do you know you have found it?” “How do I find my purpose?”

Many people believe their life purpose is focused around their education, career, volunteerism or parenting. They think, “Once I have the degree, I will be living on purpose.” Or, “Once I have that career, I will be living on purpose.” Or, “Once I volunteer for that charity event, I will be living on purpose.” Or, “Once I raise my children, I will be living on purpose.” But, the feeling of living on purpose is never truly felt.

“Why not?” many people ask. They say, “I have done everything everyone has said to do. I have a degree, a career, a volunteer position and children.” The answer is because living on purpose starts with everything inside of you – it is not the outside stuff that makes you feel that way. You have to make yourself feel that way.

I am not saying you shouldn’t get a degree, a great career, a fulfilling volunteer position or have kids. I am saying you should do more than the status quo. Living a Purpose Driven Life means doing the uncomfortable, standing in the fire and honoring you. Learning how to do this takes determination and accountability. You can be determined on your own, but you can not trust yourself to be accountable to.

Call me today to learn how Life Coaching programs keep you accountable to a Purpose Driven Life. I offer a 15-minute complementary coaching session to answer your questions. Stand in the Fire of the unknown and call me to learn how Life Coaching can help you achieve your Desire and Lead you to living a purpose driven life.

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