Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did you know the one thing that you have been procrastinating on, denying or delaying is the one thing if you attack it your whole life is positively affected?

What is your one thing you have always thought you would love to be different but nothing you do seems to work or you just don’t know what to do? 
  • Relationships ~ when my relationships in life are peaceful life will be peaceful for me
  • Career ~ when I receive my promotion I will love my job  
  • Finances ~ when I start making money I will be able to do the things I want to do
Start taking action in your life today.  Whatever area you believe should be different than it is in the current moment is an area to start with.

Here are a few action steps many of my clients start with

  • List the benefits of how your life would be different once you accomplish your one thing
  • Schedule time to put action towards your one thing

If you have found you usually accomplish your goals to a certain level and then you are back to old habits then try something new, consider hiring a Certified Life Coach. Call me today to find out how accountability with a Life Coach brings you to a higher level of accomplishment. You can reach me at 239-253-2884.


"To positively affect your life is to attack the one thing you have been delaying, denying or procrastinating on in life when you do your entire world will benefit".


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