Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet and Sour Game

Recently I moved into a beautiful gated community in Estero, Florida called the Roockery. The community is quiet and small, but long if it is your first day back to running.

One of my intentions when I move into a community is to connect with those who call it home too. How I do this is by playing the Sweet and Sour Game.
To find out if someone is Sweet or Sour you wave at them as if you have seen an old friend for the first time in a very long time to every person you see.



 If they wave back they are Sweet if they don’t they are Sour. The look on their faces is hilarious but most important they start waving too as they see my little blue car pull around the corner. I am sure they are in wonder where do I know that lady but their soul smiles and they feel good. My intention set into action. Let’s face it we all like to have someone notice us by waving and smiling at us. Why because it feels better than the snubbing or the two finger point wave. So the next time you see someone put a little more into the wave and smile, you will feel good because you gave unconditionally.

Ps ~ refrain from expecting them to wave back, if they are Sour today they might be Sweet tomorrow is my belief. I have been waving to one lady in my community for 2 ½ months and she still has not waved to me, I just Laugh-Out-Loud and know she will soon.

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