Thursday, May 29, 2014

Relationship Harmony

Relationships Standing Up with Peace and Experiencing Harmony

What do you want to experience in your day? 
Peace, Happiness, Love, Kindness, Harmony, Strength

Do you believe you can choose these and have them? 

Or do you want the opposites of these words?  Most often people find they already are experiencing the opposites and believe this is just how life is.

How to experience Relationships Harmony, means you will be asked to stand up for what you want to experience,

"Stand Up! for having Peace in your day and
Harmony in your Relationship"
What does standing up mean?  Well it does not mean yelling, shouting, or getting angry with the other person who seems to be keeping you from experiencing peace and harmony in your relationship. 
What standing up with peace means regarding a argument, usually not peaceful and harmonious, you stand in your power by calmly saying
"This _(conversation)_ does not honor my intention of a peaceful day and harmony in our relationship and I will need to either leave the room or we will need to change the subject, what do you choose?"
This is used when you feel yourself getting upset and just before you say things that are harmful.
Harming another because your feelings are hurt only creates more junk for you to clean up later. Also it keeps you from having what you say you want, peace and harmony.

Remember sometimes it is best to remove yourself and get your emotions under control
 I like to say "I am saving you from me" by leaving the room. 

Yes, the other person might be at first offended but that is because this new behavior is not what they are use to.  Give them grace as they catch up to what you said.  (You might have to repeat it a couple of times)  This is not because the other person is stupid or is ignoring you, repeating it is empowering your life with what you say you want.

This is one step to obtaining relationships which are peaceful and honoring of you. Please check in for following steps throughout the month of June our focus is on Relationships Standing Up with Peace and Experiencing Harmony in Your Relationship.

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