Friday, July 2, 2010

Giving and Receiving with the Salvation Army

Tears of happiness fill my eyes when I think about what happened last night and every time I go to the Salvation Army to serve food.  I have always wanted to help and give to our community but I never knew where to go and I would say someday I will but I am to busy now.  Before I moved back to SWFL I set the intention to give to the community I call home with honor and passion.  The first Thursday in June was my first experience of giving honor and passion to my home community and it has been one of the most powerful experience in my life. 

When a child, who does not have a home, said to me last night "Can we have more than one toy" as he looked at the box of unwanted toys in front of him and I said "Yes" His eyes shined brighter than the sun and his smile lifted me to the energy of God. 

When a lady named Beverly came up to me and said "Thank you for the lotion you gave me, my skin hurts so badly from living outside" my heart was filled with pure love. 

As we give to others it is important to remember to truly receive the love they give back as we do we allow more giving to take place.

In honor to all
Mir Lynne Pietrzyk

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