Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LIFEBOAT without an Oar

Some moments in life, we feel as though we are on a LifeBoat without an Oar. We might be moving, changing jobs, getting a divorce, sending a child off for college or undergoing another big change in life.

Even though some of these changes are positive, they can still bring on feelings of being overwhelmed. You feel like you’re not enough. You feel stress, fear, impatience, judgment and out of control.
The feeling of not being connected to your Higher Self during these times of change is truly what I feel needs to be worked on. The problems surface when we stay grounded in the Ego’s delusion of judgment, fear and not being enough. It causes us to feel stressed, overwhelmed and out of control. Most of us do not realize these are the results of experiencing a "disconnect" from our Higher Self.

Higher Self is what I call our true connection with God, Jesus, Christ, Buddha, etc. When we are truly connected to our Higher Self, we feel complete, creative, patient and more. We look at others with unconditional love and acceptance no matter what they might say or do.

One way to test and see if you are being unconditional in your love and acceptance is to look at how you are interacting with the first 50 people you see in your day – the people you live with, work with and speak to daily.

Your Ego will tell you that you love unconditionally, because you were nice to the woman in the checkout line, even though she was mean to you. This is important. And the true work lies in those first 50 people in our lives. So let’s get to work and get connected.

The first step is to write down how you are feeling. This can be one word or three pages of words. The objective is to get all your feelings out of your head so you can clear the path to connection.

Second, write down what your intention is. For example, “My intention with my last days at my job is to be at peace and in acceptance with all.”

Third write down what you are grateful for: “I am grateful that I have a position with a company that respects my abilities, talents and past experiences.”

Forth, write down three action steps:

I will ask each team member today how I can help him or her before I leave.

I will use kind words when I speak to all those I encounter.

I will discontinue swamp talk with team members.

This simple technique will allow you to arrive to shore without an Oar.

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