Thursday, August 19, 2010

Believing in YOU

You can choose to believe in yourself, when you do you will see amazing things shift in your life. 

How to start learning the New Way of Thinking

1. Make a List of your beliefs; good, great, bad and ugly
       Now you are aware of the self limiting , fear-based beliefs which make you feel not good enough or sad
       And you know of what beliefs bring you joy and happiness

2. Circle the one you believe will give you the biggest reward if it were shifted to a positive belief

3. Now set your Intention ~ how do you want life to be around this belief

4. List the Gratitude you have with this awareness

5. Most Important Step ~ Action on a daily basis towards removing the belief
        Journal daily on how you feel about the belief, how the belief showed up in your day, & how you felt

If you get stuck on how to JOURNAL, which most do, call me I can go over techniques to help you break through the resistance.

Only through Action do we see the next level of this Divine Life we are given ~ Mir Lynne Pietrzyk

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