Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you have a Dream? 

If you do, then you need a Dream Routine.  What is a dream routine you ask?  It is similar to a fitness routine, and anyone who has watched any television or read a magazine over the last 30 years knows that you must have a fitness routine to make a change in your physique.  
We are all told to have dreams.  We have been asked countless times, “What are your dreams, what do you want to be when you grow up?” There are workshops and seminars which help someone create their dream boards and all this is, is dreaming.  Think about it for a minute, whether you’re daydreaming or night dreaming, what are you doing?  Are you sitting still or are you creating your dream into reality?  Although this is a necessary step in the dream routine, I call this bringing the dream to awareness. The next step is most critical, “Creating Your Dream Routine”.   When are you going to spend time researching, studying, practicing, promoting, and finally living your dream?   Remember, the fitness routine for an average person is 30 – 45 minutes of cardio five days a week, and weight training  3 – 4 days a week usually taking on average 45 minutes to an hour each day.  This is a time commitment of 6 – 10 hours a week.  What do you think would happen to your dream if you started applying a commitment program like the average fitness routine?  I can tell you what has happened to those that I know who have applied the dream routine to their dream.  They are living it!

This is not complicated but it takes accountability and support to assist you along the way. If you want to learn how the Dream Routine program works, contact Mir Lynne Pietrzyk at Shift and Wake Up, 239-253-2884.  There are group and one on one programs available for all budgets. 

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