Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Live in Gratitude - when life seems to be going wrong

When everything seems to be going wrong the question we get asked a lot is “How are you doing?”
How we answer sets the stage for what we will receive.  Do you complain and gripe about your problems or do you choose to answer with honesty and conclude with what is going right?  I have found most have never thought of the later concept and if they have thought of it have found it difficult to implement since it is a new habit.  I have some simple steps to help you;

Week 1

1.      Journal about what you are feeling – get it all out on paper

2.      Start a list of what is going great in your life – every day add to the list

3.      Set 30 minutes in your day to reflect on your feelings and adding to your gratitude list.

As you do this every day for seven days you will notice your thoughts around your life are gravitating toward your gratitude list. "The sky becomes brighter"

Week 2

1.      Write about how you will respond when someone asks you how you are doing

2.      Visualize what your body language is and tone of voice is like when you answer their question

3.      Continue with steps 1-3 from Week 1

Practicing through writing and visualization is the key to releasing the old griping response and bring in the new gratitude response.

Our feelings and emotions are energy we have the choice to give great energy or bad energy to others with our words.  Yes, complaining and griping to others gives them bad energy.  Being honest about how you feel is important but often we go into the sewer with our honest feelings.  Remember we want to focus more on what is going right and less on what is not.  The steps above will help your mind think more about the great things and less about the not so great.

“That which we focus on, we receive more of” by David Essel –  to put it simply

               Focus on griping and complaining you get more to gripe and complain about

               Focus on gratitude you get more things to be grateful for

The choice is yours. You are the captain of your ship, what do you choose?  No choice only keeps you stuck in what you have been receiving.

For those who are really wanting to transform the spoken words they speak; place a microphone on you for a few days, it will transform your life.

If you want to continue on your self-discovery path and desire positive support call me or email me to discuss what programs Shift and Wake Up has available to meet your transformation and budget.

               Mir Lynne Pietrzyk



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