Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Affirmations

 I send love to another in my life
I am grateful for my relationships as they continue to allow me to shine my light
I forgive all those in my life including myself
I set my relations free to experience life
I smile at my neighbor and say “Good Morning”
I walk through my neighborhood seeing with eyes of beauty and judgment is removed
I prepare my meals with love and gratitude for the abundance of all the year as brought to me
I eat foods in the season I walk
I sit in nature with humility and honor for the unconditional love and protection it brings to me
I walk my days in my truth of who I am
The foundation of my internal knowing is solid and firm
New pathways are illuminated for me to see
I choose what is best for me and in doing so it is right for others in my life
The energy of Compassion fills my heart and radiates from my being
I understand my responsibility to direct my energy as I create my days and the beautiful month of November
I say yes to the flow of November and give great thanks and gratitude to my life

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