Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Get Unstuck In Life

 LIFE SHIFT by Miriam Lynne Pietrzyk

 Why Would You Want to?

We have all heard the phrase, “Step Outside The Box.” Usually we hear this in the middle of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and, instead of helping us, the phrase tends to cause us to want to close the lid of the box and tape it shut! Unfortunately, this tendency is ego-driven and keeps us from living a life in “Divine Richness.” 

Why consider getting out of the box? Because outside of the box is where Life Shifts happen and you experience the Richness of Life.

What is Divine Richness? It is where we thrive and feel filled with bliss, joy, love, happiness, laughter, compassion, truth, and abundance in all that is needed both spiritually and materially.

What keeps us from Divine Richness?  Limited thoughts of what we know. Everything we know is our limit inside the box – everything we don't know is outside the box. Outside the Box is where expansion and growth happens. Divine Richness is a thriving life, expanding and growing as we explore our life.


Open Your Box and Allow Your Awareness to be Activated

It is important to know where we are setting up limits – or putting the tape on our box and closing the lid, so to speak. Take time to make a list of some of your thoughts and beliefs that are limiting you – consider these to be your “Tape.”

One area we can look at to help with this exercise is self-talk. Do the exercises below to get started.

Coaching Exercise

1.      Write down what you tell others you are not good at. 

If you have a hard time answering this question, ask a good friend or family member what you say you are not good at.


2.      Next, write down what limiting thought and belief you want to transform.

We all have limiting beliefs, so no one is better off or worse off than another. The most important part of opening your box is being truthful with yourself. This is not an exercise in blaming the adults in your life – that just keeps us in the box going in circles.


"Your experiences in life with career, relationships, health, money and spirituality have been infected by this limiting belief. It is time to clear the infection and live in the Richness of Life."

When we open the box, the light comes in and gives us a new view. This first phase can be challenging in the beginning, because you might not truly believe the old thought and belief can be transformed. This is because the old has not completely left and the new is not completely in place. This is where we are being stretched to see and understand more than we have before.

  “Think of life as a big science experiment -- explore what is outside your knowing.” 


Coaching Exercise 

Here are a few tips to help you during this first phase of opening your box and transforming your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

1.      Write out your thoughts and beliefs.

2.      Circle what tape has been holding your box shut?

3.      What is the opposite statement of the belief you wrote?

4.      What do you want to believe?

5.      Write your Transformational Intention

Transformational Intention example:

“My belief about Happiness is I am expanding my awareness and learning new ways to focus with positive awareness about happiness in my life.”
           Conflicting Intention example:

“I believe I am Happy.” This is a conflicting intention, because if a part of us does not believe it, we go into conflict with getting out of our box. This will cause stress, because it is forcing happiness. But the transformational intention allows for your expansion and growth without it being forced.

6.      Write your Transformational Intention on notecards and place them in several places you see often in your day.

7.      Read your Transformational Intention at least 3 times a day. I recommend the morning time while getting ready, lunch and bed time. Making this one of the first and last things you read every day will assist you in getting outside the box of limitations.

This is the first phase of opening your box. I will be sharing more phases in the following weeks. If you want to know more about how to advance or would like to talk privately, please feel free to contact me to learn about the group and private programs offered. Send me an email at for more information.


Need help making sure you have a Transformational Intention – take advantage of a Free Coaching Email Chat. Send an email to with the Subject line: Help Tran Intention.

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