Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Ways to De-Stress while Driving

As the roads in my town start filling up with northern residents this article is a must read to all involved. Northern residents who are here to spend money are great asset to our economy. However their sharp turns when missing a road along with their slow driving in the left lane can cause many year round residents to stress out, so here are a few tips to think about while driving this season.

Practice Hand Yoga – It’s beneficial for all but especially pleasant for computer users or those with arthritis. While delayed in traffic, reach your arms over the top of the steering wheel, spreading and stretching your fingers. Hold a few seconds, then flex wrists. Repeat three times. Next, bend each finger individually, into a square and push gently against the fingernail area with the opposite hand’s thumb working to improve joint flexibility and blood flow.

Listen to stories – Remember how soothing it was when your parents read you a bedtime story? It works for adults, too. Keep a variety of audiobooks to enjoy in the car. But steer clear of deep-relaxation tapes you want to be calm, not asleep!

Improve your view- set up your car like you would your office, place some calming quotes on your dash board or your child’s art work. I enjoy a favorite saying “Be Like an Angel give random acts of Kindness” it is great to read when someone has cut me off.

Sooth the Soul – have a soothing cd or playlist easily accessible to turn on when you feel your blood starting to boil because of the cut offs, slow drivers, and the crazy zip through driving.

Drink Water- At every stop light know this is your chance to get caught up on your water intake. Most suffer from dehydration and not enough time in the day to get in the water, well here is your solution time slot.

If you are still not finding peace while driving, play my favorite game Sweet and Sour here is a link to a game that is sure to make you laugh. Laughter is the fastest way to relieve stress. LOL

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